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Discover the warm and friendly atmosphere of a
real British pub right here in historic
Sturbridge, MA!

You’ll be a stranger here but once.

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Pubs all over Great Britain and Europe have long been known as a place for people to get together and unwind while enjoying good food and drink. For centuries the pub has played a central role as a place for family and friends to meet, colleagues to talk shop and business people to negotiate deals; a place to celebrate, or to seek quiet relaxation. You will find all of that and more at The Copper Stallion Restaurant and Pub in Fiskdale, MA (Sturbridge).

We’ve recreated that nostalgic feeling by providing a clean and relaxing place for friends and families to revitalize themselves and settle down in an unhurried and welcoming atmosphere. We embrace all of our customers as we would in our own home.

Unlike many local and national restaurant chains, we provide a more healthy perspective toward the foods we offer, as all of our meals are cooked to our patrons’ taste with only the freshest ingredients, and from local growers and purveyors. Because we proudly put so much care into our menu, we know we present our customers with a most enjoyable dining experience. And because we do not use frozen, prepared meals, like the restaurant chains do, our food is truly fresh prepared and cooked properly; not micro-waved. If you’re looking for fast food, you just here.

People from all over are talking about the generous portions of our authentic British classics. One taste of our Fish & Chips and you’ll agree they’re the best this side of the Atlantic. Our Cottage Pie is a family favourite with ground sirloin and a medley of vegetables topped with garlic mashed potatoes and smothered in gravy and melted cheese. And you can’t taste a more authentic recipe for Bangers & Mash. Our sausages are made especially for us by local butcher and meat purveyor, Ed Stearns Dressed Meats in Charlton, MA. He’s following an old family recipe straight from Cumberland County in the northwest of England. You can’t get any closer than that unless you fly over there yourself!

In addition to our inspired menu which includes other exceptional versions of British and American favourites, we also offer weekly lunch and dinner specials, fresh made desserts and homemade soups. Our luscious apple crisp is made with locally grown apples (and a few other secret ingredients) from Breezelands Orchards up the road in Warren, MA. Well worth the short drive from the Stallion during apple picking season, Breezelands has been growing premium fruits for five generations. We also use their apples in our notable Apple-cran Chutney. Stop by their orchard store and tell them you tried their prized Ida Reds in our fresh apple crisp!

And what British Pub would be without soccer? We televise the English Premier League, UEFA and all the other top European leagues, as well as American sport favourites, like the Red Sox and Patriots! If you belly-up to the bar there isn’t a seat that doesn’t have a great view of exciting sports events. Enjoy a 20 ounce pint at our copper-top bar while watching an event on one of our 42” plasma televisions.

Like all the best things in life, however, we’re hard to find. The Copper Stallion is located in one of the oldest buildings in town, right on Main Street (Route 20). Our sign hangs over our second floor deck and if you’re not looking up, you’ll probably miss it. The entrance is also somewhat hidden – it’s up the hill in the north-west corner of the parking lot. Our regulars tell us we’re the best kept secret in town! After opening our doors in the fall of 2004 we still get neighbours telling us they never knew we were here. Well, we’re still here and would love the chance to welcome you to our extended family. We can also host your private gatherings or business meetings. Just give us a call!

For fine food served in a casual setting, there’s only one place to get it in Sturbridge; The Copper Stallion. Come in and try our uncommon victuals and libations. Life’s too short for average food.


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538 Main Street, Sturbridge, MA
Uncommon Victuals & Libations

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